Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Employer Liable for Foreseeable Suicide from Depression after a Work Injury

The bias of the court is to generate cases with trumped up, made up, on the spot law. The wife had far more information about the depression than the employer. She failed to foresee the suicide, yet she profits handsomely from the redistributionist, pro-lawyer rent seeking bias of the House of Lords.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Police Inspector Suicide Note: Afraid of Investigation Bullying

His 12 year old daughter discovered the body. Perhaps, there is a cause of action against the investigators if the investigation turns out to be false, on similar grounds as the MySpace case.

Obviously, the suicide was an intentional act, likely by a person with a psychiatric diagnosis. Others should not get scapegoated for the intentional act of a disturbed person.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Prosecutor Indicts Third Party for MySpace Suicide

The problems with the legal case are discussed here. Some documents here.

The suicider had ADHD, a disorder with impulsivity at its core, and felt depressed. The parents are delighted about the indictment, the article reports. That indictment relieves them of the correct explanation that their daughter made a big mistake. It allows them to scapegoat a stranger. Given the greater time they spent with the suicider, their utterances and criticisms of her behavior are far more likely to have been the cause of the suicide. One should sift the facts to insure there is no scapegoating for simple acts of non-compliance by the suicider, such as skipping her medication. If there is a low level of prescription medication in the toxicology report, it explains her suicide better than a chat room posting.

The prosecutors should at least prove causation. Suicide is the act of another in this case, and not the act of the defendant. The prosecutors need to be removed from office. All legal costs should be assessed to the personal accounts of the rent seeking lawyers.

This case illustrates the extent to which scapegoating can substitute a witch hunt for What Works.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

E-Counseling and Suicide

I agree. E-counseling is better than no counseling. The site reviews assessment and management.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Usually, not a good idea. One may express regret, and sympathy for the suicide. However, every word will be used against the doctor. There is no evidence that any law precluding the use of an apology as evidence has protected a defendant.


Repeat DUI Offender Hangs Herself in Jail

Here. This took place despite half hour checks.

Diagnosis of Young Suiciders

From J Affect Disord 105:221-228, 2008.

Depression has an odds ration of 48, disruptive disorders, 14, and substance abuse, 5.

This study supports the idea that completed suicide may only be prevented by ongoing treatment of the psychiatric diagnoses found in 95% of suiciders.

From J Affect Disord 105-25-33, 2008.

Prior attempts predicted future attempts. Many disorders were associated with suicidal ideas. Only three disorders predicted suicide plans.

Plaintiff Lawyer Misconduct Causes Mistrial

Here. I think these lawyers should pay all legal costs and have their case dismissed.