Monday, August 27, 2007

Dr. Andrew Leon and the Rest of the Irresponsible FDA Advisory Committee, Resign Now, Take the FDA Commissioner With You.

Dr. Andrew Leon tries to justify the ineffable repetition of the mistake his FDA Advisory Committee made. In this Perspective Article, he describes the low rate of suicidal ideas or behaviors, not any suicide, just ideas and gestures.

He fails to adequately address the catastrophic deterrence of family doctors and general practitioners from prescribing SSRI's. With the sole measure that reduces suicide being long term treatment of the underlying condition, fewer people will get treated, and more will commit suicide. He dismisses the excess of 100's of children and adolescents who committed suicide since the irresponsible warning issued in 2003. "The public health experiment has just begun," he retorts. Nice to know the families that needlessly lost a loved one thanks to his irresponsible vote were participating in an experiment.

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