Sunday, December 23, 2007

Suicide Attempts Timing and Anti-depressants

The highest rates were among psychiatry patients, lower in psychotherapy, lowest in primary care. Among all these three groups, attempts were highest prior to anti-depressant prescription, lower in the month after treatment, and declined thereafter. Reported here.

This finding supports the sole method to lower the suicide rate, long term treatment.

Again, I call for the entire FDA Psychopharmacology Committee and the FDA Commissioner to resign for their irresponsible black box warnings and caving in to political pressure. These PC, craven, academic traitors to clinical care caused an increased rate of suicide in pediatric patients, especially boys under 15. These incompetents no longer belong in any responsible position.

An interested reader submits this great YouTube video. It depicts the overheated bullying of the FDA Committee by scapegoating parents, left wing ideologues, and biased partisan hacks. It lacks any rebuttal of the effects of the Committee's craven, bonehead decision. No one mentions the hundreds of deaths the decision caused, by deterring the use of anti-depressants in adolescents.


Anonymous said...

please read this letter to FDA by a clinic specializing in teens.... If you cannot see the sense here, perhaps you need to find another profession... This is not statistics but some realities about research on SSRI anti-depressants and some real anecdotal experience.
let your blog readers see this document .. it is very revealing..

Suicide Malpractice said...

Anonymous: What is your profession? If you are a psychiatrist, piss off. You are an idiot.

If a civilian, please test and repost your link. Read on.

Here is a general principle of life for your consideration.

If my decisions at work killed 100's if not 1000's of innocent, disabled young people, I resign.

These craven academics caved into left wing ideologues, and vengeful parent wackos, yelling at a hearing. Left wing wacko intimidation is the sole justification for this irresponsible black box warning. Congressional hearings will reveal what went into the decision making of these cowards. I guarantee this. In a year, no old faces in that Committee.

If your link, when working, lays out the consistent difference across studies, here are the problems.

The difference is clinically trivial. Its statistical significance stems from the large sample sizes. One should correct for this effect to avoid freaking out over trivia. I learned that in eleventh grade statistics. The FDA bozos know that, too.

No completed suicide can be attributed to using anti-depressants. Hundreds if not thousands, can be attributed to not using anti-depressants long term.

Trivial, non-suicidal self-injuries counted as suicidal behavior. Slap your forehead for not having had a V8, those dumbasses would include that as a suicidal event.

Suicide Malpractice said...

Anon, did you mean, this page?

With the updates?

I know their side of the story and have some of the inside thinking that went into this politically difficult decision. Only one dissenter.

I wish them all well when they come before Congressional hearings, in 2008.