Sunday, February 28, 2010

Malignant Depression Takes Marie Osmond's Adopted Son

Sometimes, depression is so deep, suicide is a logical choice. The remedies include 1) electroconvulsive treatment, 2) tranquilizers to tone down the intense distress, and the really delusional idea required to commit suicide.

Singer Marie Osmond was said to be ‘devastated and in pieces’ last night after her troubled adopted son committed suicide by jumping from the roof of his Los Angeles apartment.

Michael Blosil, 18, left a suicide note for his family saying he had decided to end his life because of the ‘torment’ of his long battle against depression and drug and alcohol abuse.

The note was also reported to contain the words: ‘I feel like I have no friends and will never fit in.’

A police source said Blosil, who had been adopted as a baby by Osmond and her ex-husband Brian, jumped off the roof of the ten-storey apartment block in central LA where he rented a £1,500-a-month flat.

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