Friday, January 2, 2009

Skip Simpson Files a Licensing Complaint and Fails

One wonders if Dr. Brockway has any legal recourse. He should hire an attorney to review the possibility of a lawsuit against the scapegoating complainant and the scapegoating lawyer, Skip Simpson. This family and lawyer were not satisfied with a settlement. They will not let go. One has to question why they persist. Their loved on killed himself. No one made him. He chose to do so, and was actually relentless in his desire. Is it possible, this family was a factor?

Here is a series of YouTube postings.

The licensing board found no ethical lapse for these vengeful complainants.

AZ Licensing Board Hearing I.

AZ Licensing Board Hearing II.

AZ Licensing Board Hearing III.

AZ Licensing Board Hearing IV.

It is not malpractice to fail to follow a nursing policy. It is malpractice to follow the cookbook approach proposed. Nor is it a lapse of ethics. The nursing policy has no basis in science, logic, nor policy.

If any defendant is being pursued by Skip Simpson, I would appreciate hearing from their attorney.

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