Monday, February 25, 2008

Anti-Depressants of Little Use

Here. The study itself.

1) It is done by psychologists. They have a vested interest to promote psychological methods.

2) The most severe patients were likely excluded from the trial, to avoid litigation. Left wingers intimidate drug companies into excluding severe patients. When mild patients fail to respond to drug, they get second guessed, yet again.

3) There is a trend toward greater response for severer patients, even within the narrowly mild ratings of the patients in these studies.

4) On-off experiments in individual patients were not reviewed.

5) The left bashed the use of anti-depressants by family doctors. Population studies show this increased use is among the rare effective methods to reduce the suicide rate at the population level. If family doctors get discouraged, and the suicide rate increases, these authors must resign, as well as any editor, funding reviewer, or peer reviewer. They will have been responsible for mass murder.

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