Saturday, February 23, 2008

Radio Interview of Plaintiff Family and Skippy

Here. I found it unfortunate the hospital chose to settle. They invited more of these cases, since lawyers learn from case experience. No case should settle, to protect clinical care from the plunder of these lawyer predators. All plaintiffs and plaintiff attorney should be countersued. Ethics charges should be brought against the plaintiff attorney, since all suicide cases are facially frivolous. They scapegoat the defendant for an intentional act of another that cannot be stopped.

All plaintiff experts should be be disqualified. If they cannot be disqualified, they should be impeached for promulgating ideologically based garbage science. Every word of their testimony should be parsed for perjury. If perjury about a fact is found, it should be referred to the District Attorney for investigation and possible prosecution.

The psychiatrist interviewer promulgates dubious science. She is a frequent expert witness. She presents no balance whatsoever, to the biased and misleading claims of the plaintiff side. "Oh well, that is so sad," she agrees. She blames the prescribing of anti-depressants by non-psychiatrists as a factor in skyrocketing suicide. Suicide rates have been dropping, as more family doctors have chosen to treat depression. This psychiatrist self-serving claim has no evidence. The psychiatrist list deviations from her own invented standards of care. None carries any evidence of preventing suicide. He should have been seen in one hour of arrival. His belt should have been removed.

The vengeful, scapegoating family contains mental illness. The suicider experienced relationship problems. Skippy chimes in with his psychiatric expertise. He knows all about the thinking and tactics of the suicider. "You can kill yourself easily in 15 minutes," he asserts. "Of course, it was about money, the $1000 a day." "This is across the country, 1600 patients a year die of suicide." (in hospitals). Skippy tells us that patients be made to waive confidentiality. Perhaps, Skippy can get an injunction against the patient who wants nothing to do with his toxic family. Make sure what observation level is selected, and accept no less than observations every 5 minutes apart. Review the after care plan to insure safety after discharge, and seen on a frequent basis. He refers those who want to learn about managing suicidal patients to this site. So advises Skippy.

These plaintiffs will not share the plaintiff expert opinion for public review. I do not know why.

The biased interviewer forgot to ask, 1) was this an open facility, and the suicider a voluntary patient?; 2) if staff had laid a hand on the suicider, what criminal charges (plus this) and torts could they have generated for themselves? Skippy failed to address a standard of care that is breaks the law, and is an intentional tort itself.

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