Friday, February 29, 2008

Response of Innocent Defendants to Malpractice Claims

Here. High stress, changing practice habits, suicidal ideas. If a plaintiff lawyer causes the suicide of an innocent doctor by the legal malpractice of a weak case, can he be sued? Of course not. He has total immunity.

This lawyer traitor to clinical care, Richard Roberts, MD, JD, suggests apologizing. What a catastrophe for discovery. Every word will be used by the plaintiff lawyer. The doctor will face each word again at deposition. This is a lawyer traitor trick.

What the lawyer traitor fails to mention as a coping method, is to hire a private attorney. The latter should threaten the insurance company hack with firing and legal malpractice action every time he refuses to act against the source of his job, the plaintiff lawyer. All motions should be forced on this hack who needs a trial to break even. If a motion fails, the defense attorney should understand, he is fired. Every tiny infraction of the plaintiff side should result in a request for sanctions from the judge, including a demand to declare a mistrial, and to sanction double the legal costs from the personal accounts of the plaintiff lawyer and expert. If the pro-lawyer rent seeking judge refuses to act, the lawyer should act against the judge, filing repeated complaints with the administrative judge. There is a long list of actions that never get taken by the defense hack, to deter the plaintiff side. The defense attorney owes his job to the plaintiff lawyer, and not to the doctor. He cannot be trusted, and must be watched, and bullied by another lawyer.

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