Friday, January 18, 2008

Bias in Favor of Positive Findings - What Is Unsaid

This article reviews a bias to publish positive findings, and to not publish negative findings (hat tip to Simon Levane).

The study has no credibility coming from a left wing propaganda organ, the New England Journal of Medicine. N Engl J Med. 2008;358:252-60. An author is from Harvard, invalidating the review. These are biased left wing ideologues, clinician haters, seeking the destruction of corporate America.

These ideologues forgot something. The more severe the depression, the more likely and the greater the response to anti-depressant medication. That has been known for 50 years. The imipramine responder resembles the Parkinson patient. There is a lot of overlap between the two conditions. Many patients with Parkinson Disease are depressed. The severely depressed are slowed down, mute, have pseudo-dementia. The other feature of severe depression is, of course, intense suicidal urges. Patients with such strong biological symptoms are less likely to respond to placebo, when compared to patients with mild depression or even stress and normal sadness from loss.

The intensifying fear of litigation has caused severely depressed, and suicidal patients to get excluded from clinical trials. A patient suicide may end the clinical trial because of sanctions by the biased FDA and lawsuits. The patients who would cause the largest separation between drug and placebo have been progressively excluded.

Left wing ideologues like these biased, misleading, Harvard twits have intimidated companies into excluding severe patients. They caused the progressive failure of separation of drug from placebo responses. Then these clinical care haters complain that studies fail to separate drug from placebo responses.


Anonymous said...

Your comments on this paper are nothing more or less than demagoguery.. this post simply devalues any value of this website. You do not use one bit of argument or reason or logic to address the issue but instead you cloak yourself in a mantle of hate mongering not much different than the infamous Joseph McCarthy witch hunt of the sixties that is now known by all decent and common sense driven people to have been a dark period of American History.
You do not see the extremism of your comments - not driven by any consideration of good medicine or good science but merely by an unreasonable fanatacism driven by political ideology.
how sad.. what a disservice to medicine. You should be ashamed.
Simon Levane

Suicide Malpractice said...

Simon: I see your personal remarks as a sign of frustration with the facts.

Here is a study of the imipramine responder. There are dozens like it over the past decades. I am revising the post to link to it.

I have already linked to the trend for the separation between drug and placebo response to drop over the years.

Here is a government site of funded clinical trials with the exclusion criteria.

I appreciated your criticism.