Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Can Litigation Cause Suicidal Ideas? Should All Lawsuits Carry a Suicidal Ideas Black Box Warning?

The worthless data used by craven, PC, academics to justify a black box warning on anti-depressants gets a review here.

Unlike the possibility that anti-depressants may cause suicidal ideas, the black box warning has been followed by the deterrence of non-psychiatric doctors from treating depressed people. The rate of hard outcome suicide, not just thoughts, shot up. It had been dropping prior to that.

What else causes suicidal ideas, I wonder? Do people have more suicidal ideas or fewer after being sued? Why don't lawsuit complaints carry suicidal idea warnings? If a lawsuit complaint fails to carry such a warning, should the court, the plaintiff, the plaintiff lawyer be held accountable in a defective product liability? I bet more people feel suicidal after getting sued than after starting an anti-depressant.

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