Thursday, January 10, 2008

Unqualified Coroner Makes Allegation of Negligence, Dismissed by Inquest

The Coroner has no qualification to assess the conduct of a psychiatric ward. This presumptuous allegation of malpractice requires that this unqualified coroner, Dr John Osborne, resign immediately. His frivolous, unqualified allegation is dismissed at inquest.

I demand this unqualified coroner, Dr John Osborne, provide scientifically validated evidence the taking of a belt from someone has ever prevented a single suicide.

Under no circumstances does a coroner have the slightest qualification to judge the standard of psychiatric care of a hospital. I strongly urge the hospital and all staff implicated to file a defamation lawsuit against this over-reaching, unqualified coroner. Ethics charges for unprofessional conduct should also be filed against this Brit twit.

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