Sunday, January 13, 2008

Uncertain Credibility of This Britney News

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nigaro said...

Letalvis & Britney

The cup filled with the perverse desires of many white girls and women to be sexually assaulted & slain by underprivileged black felons is running over and train-wrecked Britney Spears appears to be a un- ashamed in broadcasting her fetish for young, black thugs for all the world to hear.

“Britney is extremely sick. Subliminal messages in her latest release, Gimmie More, indicate she’s paying tribute the kidnapping, robbery, rape and killing of Knoxville University of Tennesse student Channon Christian,” says Underprivileged Media editor Kirkland Perkins.

Britney Spears Glorifies Robbery, Rape and Killing of Channon Christian by Black FelonsChristian who allegedly orchestrated the killing of her boyfriend and her own death by sexual torture video is the latest of a number of young, white girls and women to lure young, black underprivileged felons & thugs to engage in pervese, illegal and, most often, violent sexual situations for their own gratification.

While it is being widely reported that Christian engaged in consentual rapesex with over one hundred black felons, Lemaricus Davidson & Letalvis Cobbins, who many say did not participate in the rapesex acts, are currently being held for the crimes.

“Spears’ Gimmie More is a direct tribute to the rape of Channon Christian,” Perkins said. “She glorifying before th world and letting the little white girls and young white women who listen to her know it is the fashionable thing for them the desire.

Gimmie More Lyrics (excerpt):
Center of attention (even)
Even when they’re up against the wall
You got me in a crazy position
Flat on a mission
You got my permission

emily haddock“Her music is influencing little white girls nationwide. Ghetto Bragging Rights community members in Fayetteville, North Carolina note that 11 year old Emily Haddock was influenced by some of the subliminal messages in Britney’s music.”

GBR gossip columnist reports Haddock was killed after pretending to have strep throat and getting permission to stay at home from school from her parents.

Secretly, however, Haddock had invited five young, blacks she’d hope were underprivileged hoodlums who would rape her.

Ghetto Bragging Rights Gossip columnist Leroy Cousins says there is speculation Spears visited the house in Knoxville on Chipman street where the crime took place and originally wanted to shoot the video there.

Suicide Malpractice said...

How is this relevant to suicide?

What are your sources for this weird stuff? Or, did you figure this all out from song lyrics?

nigaro said...

it shows the level of perversion britney's at AND, thus, Sometimes suicide might be healthy. A Britney suicide will be a healthy thing for young, white girls to see.
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